Aravo Provided a Tenfold Increase in Efficiency

Accenture can now support dozens of customers with only a few staff members, and first catalog submission error rates have plummted from 85% to less than 5%

Accenture chose Aravo to increase the speed and efficiency of supplier and third party enablement initiatives for the company's growing client base. Accenture needed a scalable, technology-agnostic solution that would work effectively across multiple enterprise systems and business units, supporting enablement initiatives ranging from a few suppliers to tens of thousands. Aravo provided:

  • Visibility and control across suppliers and third parties
  • Rapid deployment
  • A cohesive system to capture best practices and processes
  • The ability to leverage knowledge gained across clients

Download this Aravo case study to read how Accenture has dramatically improved its supplier and third party enablement and management efficiency and increased client time to value.